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模特喧宾夺主 科技展开始禁止Show girl着装暴露

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本文摘要:If you’ve ever attended a technology conference, then you’ve likely seen your share of booth babes. Also known by the more respectable term “promotional models,” they’re the scantily-clad women companies hire in an attempt to lure conferen


If you’ve ever attended a technology conference, then you’ve likely seen your share of booth babes. Also known by the more respectable term “promotional models,” they’re the scantily-clad women companies hire in an attempt to lure conference-goers into checking out their Bluetooth headsets, Internet-enabled toothbrushes and yes, even security software.如果你参观过某个科技展览,你很有可能早已喜爱过众多“展台宝贝”的倩影。她们还有一个更加体面的头衔——“广告宣传模特儿”。

各大公司聘请这些穿著龙山的美女,主要是更有参会者前往它们的展台,试试蓝牙耳机,联网牙刷,甚至安全软件。From the Consumer Electronics Show to Mobile World Congress, booth babes have become an expected part of the scenery, much like hours-long taxi lines and horrible Wi-Fi coverage (go figure). But some attendees have complained that stripper-like attire—yes, I’m talking pasties—is offensive in a professional environment and that they’d rather engage with actual salespeople who are more knowledgeable about the products they’re trying to sell. (Booth babes are usually temporary hires and therefore not your best bet if you want a deep dive on the latest cryptographic solutions.)从CES消费电子展到全球移动大会,“展台宝贝”早已沦为各类科技展览不可或缺的一部分,就像大排长龙的出租车候车队伍和差劲的无线网络一样。但有些参会者责怪称之为,在一个如此专业的场合,她们那无异于脱衣舞女的穿着——到底 ,我说道的就是胸贴——变得尤其高耸。他们宁可和确实的销售人员做事,因为这些人对自己要卖的产品理解得更加确切。

(“展台宝贝”往往都是临时聘请人员,如果你想要了解理解近期加密技术的解决方案,她们绝不会是你咨询的最佳对象)。At least one annual tech expo has decided to listen to the complaints. Last week, the organizers of the RSA Conference, an information security event that will take place in San Francisco next month, added a new clause to its exhibitor rules and regulations. Effectively, it’s a booth babe ban.现在最少有一个年度科技展已要求征询这些怨言。

上周,信息安全大会(RSA Conference)的组织者在其参展商规则里加了一条新规,实质上就是禁令“展台宝贝”入场。该的组织将于下个月在旧金山举行一场信息安全展览。

According to the new rules: “All expo staff are expected to dress in business and/or business casual attire… Attire of an overly revealing or suggestive nature is not permitted.” The RSA organizers even list specific examples of such clothing, including tops displaying excessive cleavage, miniskirts, offensive costumes and Lycra bodysuits (apparently that’s a thing).新规规定:“所有展览人员不应不准身穿正装或商务便装……决不允许穿著过分曝露或具备性暗示意味的服装。”展览组织者甚至列出了这类穿著,如过分展现出乳沟的固定式,超短裙,曝露的服装及莱卡紧身衣(这种衣服显然撩人)。

“I think it’s a long time coming,” Sandra Toms, VP and curator of the RSA Conference, said on a phone call with Fortune. “If you’re an attendee you have a limited time and you want to ask specific technical questions and get your answers. That’s what we’ve heard in our [attendee] surveys.”该展览副总兼任策展者桑德拉o汤姆斯在拒绝接受《财富》杂志电话专访时回应:“我指出这个规定远比太迟了。如果你是一位参观者,时间受限,你就只不会想问一些明确的技术问题,并谋求答案。这是我们从调研中取得的对系统意见。”According to Toms, who has been working on the conference for nearly two decades, conference-goers have also said they are offended by specific clothing worn—or more accurately, not worn—by booth babes. And such criticisms have been lobbed at tech conferences for years.汤姆斯已为这个展览工作了近二十年。

她说道,参观者也回应,那些穿著类似,或清楚点说道,穿着得很少的“展台宝贝”让他们很不难受。实质上,多年来,在各类科技展览上,这类抨击时有耳闻。The fact that some large, respected companies still use women in body paint to try and draw attention to their wares seems outdated at best—kind of like handing out breath mint containers inscribed with a company logo. (Like mints, booth babes don’t necessarily help vendors generate more leads.) And while it’s not to blame for the overall dearth of women at many of these conferences, it certainly doesn’t promote an atmosphere that’s welcoming to both genders: Let’s face it, these companies are explicitly marketing specifically to men, and in the crudest way possible.事实上,一些甚受尊敬的大公司还在用人体彩绘来引人关注,这种作法或许早已过时了——这类似于给参观者赠送给印上公司标识的薄荷糖(而且和薄荷糖一样,“展台宝贝”也不一定能老大参展商惹来更加多人气)。


诚然,这类展览多数都缺少女性参予,但这种作法并无法营造让男女都喜闻乐见的氛围:大家得付出代价现实,这些公司摆明了就是针对男性积极开展营销的,而且就要用这种最赤裸裸的方式。In case you were wondering, about 30,000 people attend the annual RSA Conference, but women make up just about 15% of attendees. As far as tech conferences go, that ratio isn’t unusual. RSA has chosen to take a stance with its new booth babe ban, and so far, says Toms, the feedback has been positive.每年有约三万人参与信息安全大会,但其中只有15%是女性。


而据汤姆斯称之为,迄今为止取得的对系统都很大力。“We’ve had a lot of support for it,” says Toms. “I think people get it, and they want to be respectful.”她说道:“很多人都反对我们这个作法。我想要大家解读这个新规的意图,他们显然想要更加认同女性。”Of course, banning booth babes does have one potential downside—the sad reality is, it could mean even less women at tech conferences. But here’s a novel thought: Technology companies, you can still have women showing off and explaining your products. Just don’t ask them to wear Lycra.当然了,禁令“展台宝贝”展览有可能也不会带来不利影响——参予的女性更加较少了。




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